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Jade Processing Factory Intro

Shenzhen Tongshida Artray Jade Processing Factory is a branch enterprise of Shenzhen Tongshida Industrial Co, Ltd. Since the foundation of the factory in March of 2000, we have exported large numbers of jade wares to European countries, Japan , South Korea , Indonesia , Taiwan and Hong Kong areas, so far. At present, the Artray Jade Factory specializes in the field of finishing cutting Longevity Jade. Besides, we process the superior class jade such as: Longevity Jade, Xinjiang Green Jade, Xinjiang White Jade, Kunlun Jade, Burma Jade, Tielong Jade, Dongling Jade, White Crystal, Purple Crystal, North Korean Yellow Jade, North Korean Green Jade, etc and the interior jade as well, such as: Yellow Jade, Mihuang Jade, Dandong Jade, Yuanzhou Jade, Lushan Jade, Timber Veined Jade, Nan Jade, Wanhua Jade, and etc.

If you would like to indent an order, you should provide the following information:

•  Samples or drawings

•  Specifications

•  Quantity

•  The permissible deviation

•  Package

•  The demand of the prefulgency ( 3000 mu, the most)

Then we can fix the prize according to your order and process manufacturing.

Nowadays, fake jade, man-made jade, compound jade, stained stones and stained glass have occupied 90% percent of the jade market, however we insist on processing the natural jade, and always keep it in mind that honesty and loyalty is the basic surviving rule.

We express the utmost gratitude for whoever has offered us support and kindness and we look forward to initiating more business with more partners in bigger scope.

Shenzhen Tongshida Artray Jade Processing Factory

Corporate Representative: Xu Yong Xie
CHINA SZ Global Jade Factory  
Add:Rm 1402, South Block, Lijing Building, NO.48 Jintang Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen China.
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